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About Us

Fremont's news: by students, for students. 

Welcome to Fremont Middle School's General Outlook! 


We are so excited you are here. We are a small-but-mighty journalism class dedicated to sharing news about our school, our community, and our world. 



Addison Soder

Rion Parson

Zoe Daniel

Corinne White

Addie is a 7th grade writer for General Outlook. She is currently on the swim team and she loves to read and draw. Addie is looking forward to being a member of the General Outlook team!

Rion is a 8th grade writer for Fremont's General Outlook. He loves golf, and he has won a total of 128 total tournaments out of the 275 that he has entered. He loves to look at current housing trends and is a big fan of Zillow. He looks forward to contributing to the sports section. 

Zoe is an 8th grade staff writer for Fremont Middle School's General Outlook. She enjoys video games, reading, playing her trumpet, and hanging out with her friends! She absolutely adores a few small things, like frozen sweet peas, setting up outfits for school, and playing Hollow Knight. An achievement of hers she continually brings up (mostly to brag about it) is reading every single Harry Potter book in 1st grade.

Corinne White is a 7th grader writer for the Fremont General Outlook team. She enjoys sports such as soccer and volleyball. She is also looking forward to writing about the sports section.


Aaron McGraw

Maddie Nelson

Brandy Wear

Aaron McGraw is a writer for Fremont's General Outlook. He is a really good bowler and golfs along with fishing. He is looking forward to all the field trips.

Maddie is a 7th grader who is a Fremont General Uutlook writer. She has many passions which include FBLA, horseback riding, and volleyball. She has a plan to run her own vet clinic in the future with her cousin Sina Nelson. She enjoys eating sushi when coming back from volleyball games or track meets.

Brandy is an 8th grade staff member and writer of the Fremont General Outlook.  She likes to dance at Ellie's Dance Studio. She also likes playing basketball and taking pictures of fun moments and random things. On her personal time she enjoys watching a good movie or listening to music while drawing. This year she is looking forward to writing about school events like dances, sports, and plays. 

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