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About Us

Fremont's news: by students, for students. 

Welcome to Fremont Middle School's General Outlook! 


We are so excited you are here. We are a small-but-mighty journalism class dedicated to sharing news about our school, our community, and our world. 



Delylah Willard

Clover Fisher

Chase Nolan

Ellie Vickers

Delylah is an 8th grade middle school student. Delylah writes for the Fremont General Outlook. She likes animals, and also really values her friends and family. She has passion for eating hamburgers and other non-healthy foods.

Clover is an 8th grader who loves to paint and play video games. They're a staff writer for General Outlook and they like to mainly write news articles about different situations going on.  In the future, they hope to be a hair stylist.

Chase Nolan is proud to be apart of the journalism staff. He likes reading, writing, food and dogs. He has four pets: two cats and two dogs. He also likes games and mind puzzles, except Rubiks cubes because those are too confusing. 

Ellie Vickers is a 8th grade middle school. Ellie writes for the Fremont General Outlook. She likes  calligraphy, animals, and some people. She also likes unhealthy food and chocolate.   


Scarlet Gonzales

Andrew Pedersen

Ava Young

Alonzo Guzman

Scarlet is an 8th grade girl who writes for the General Outlook. She is smart, charming and funny, and sarcasm is her only defense. She likes to eat tteokbokki & Spam musubi. She loves archery and hiking. 

Andrew is a middle schooler at John C. Fremont middle school. He is a writer for the General Outlook. He enjoys reading, writing, soccer, and playing the saxophone.

Ava is an 8th grader and a part of the Fremont General Outlook team. Some of her interests include playing volleyball and dancing hula. In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and family.

Alonzo is an 8th grade student from Southern California. He loves geography and enjoys  reading and doing stuff for others. He likes running and physical activity. 

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