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Administration Appreciation Week!

Last week was Administration Appreciation Week! We should all thank our administrators for what they do for our school. You’ve likely noticed the ‘thank you’ posters around the hallways. Some are addressed to specific administrators, while others show appreciation for the entire team. Even though last week was specifically Administration Appreciation Week, we should still appreciate our admins every week. Make sure to thank Mr. Olsen, Mr. Bentea, and Mr. Dunn. Making a poster, writing a letter, or just telling them in person can make them feel good about themselves.

Our admins do a lot for our school and it’s good for them to feel appreciated for what they do. Some examples of what our administrators do is that Mr. Olsen helps with sports and games, while Mr. Bentea and Mr. Dunn deal with the kids that have gotten into a lot of trouble. They also make sure the school runs smoothly! Dealing with troublesome kids can be quite difficult, as well as dealing with annoyed parents of athletes. Letting them know that we appreciate them helping out with those and that we thank them for it can bring that stress down. Now, get out there and let our administrators know that we appreciate what they do for us and our school.

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