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PSA Spring Fundraiser

On April 13th 5:30-8:30 Fremont had a fundraiser at Two Shy Brewery for our PSA which supports our Fremont students, staff and parents.

Roseburg’s Barely Local Band, featuring Fremont staff members Jeff Meeds and Karen Howington, performed first. Mr. Meeds played the electric guitar, which is named Jolly Rancher because it's bright green. They played about 15 cover songs total, with pop/rock songs from the 1960s-2023. When asked, Meeds said, “Ms. Howington is an amazing bass player.”

Fremont’s Advanced Choir also performed, and the 29 kids covered ten songs that were from the 15th century-2020. There were also dessert auctions, raffle items and a silent auction! Lots of staff and students from Fremont were there to watch the amazing acts and enjoy the food, which was available by Burgers and Q food truck. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) also helped out with raffles and led the dessert auction.

These events that Fremont put together are amazing and help our school! It also helps our students and teachers socialize with new people. We recommend going to our events and supporting our school and we appreciate all the support and love we get from the community.

Photos courtesy of Principal Ben Bentea

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