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  • Paige Heacock

Springtime in the '20s Dance

On March 17, also Saint Patrick’s Day, the spring dance was hosted by the Fremont Jazz Band. The theme was “Springtime in the 20’s”, where you could dress up for spring or like you lived in the 1920’s or even 2020’s! “I think the 20’s theme gave it more of a flare and everyone did seem to have a great time,” said Hannah Damman, a Jazz Band student.

The Jazz Band played three songs at the dance for students to dance to. The songs were “In the Mood”, “Mambo no. 5”, and “Funkytown”. “It had some live entertainment, which was different, but I think it added to the energy of the dance. It was a really positive and fun atmosphere,” stated Mrs. Soffer, the band director for Fremont.

Students were also able to buy concessions and take a fun photo at the photo booth. Altogether, the Jazz Band was able to raise about $1,500 for their trip to the Reno Jazz Festival in April. As stated by Mrs. Soffer, “It was a lot of fun, it was happy, it was upbeat, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.”

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