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St. Patrick's Day

Coming up on March 17th is our day to wear green because it's St. Patrick's Day! We wear green to symbolize Irish nationalism. Getting pinched if you're not wearing green comes from the folklore that green makes you invisible to leprechauns, so make sure to participate in wearing green to avoid getting pinched!

Saint Patrick's Day was originally celebrated in Ireland. Initially, it was celebrated to honor St. Patrick, who is one of Ireland's patron saints. They celebrated by having feasts. Once it was brought to the US it evolved into a secular celebration of Irish culture.

According to the article, “17 Biggest and Best St. Patrick’s Day Events Around the World,” “In fact, it’s the one national holiday that’s celebrated in more countries than any other. Not only will you find some of the biggest and best events in Ireland but throughout the U.S. and other cities across the globe that host festivals, parades, Irish dancing and music”( Dermody, Trips to Discover). Some of the biggest St. Patrick's Day parades are celebrated in, of course, Ireland, Tokyo, Chicago, London, and Buenoes Aires, along with many other big cities. Most big cities celebrate by getting the community together and doing a festival or parade. Some places like Tokyo and Ireland do bigger, multiple day festivals. Chicago is famous for hosting one of the most famous St Paddy’s Day parades. Each year, people gather to watch as the Chicago River is dyed a vibrant shade of emerald green for the celebration. This tradition is more than six decades old, and has become one of the biggest spectator events, as it is enjoyable for all ages.

I hope you take the time to wear green and celebrate with family, friends or community and partake in this special day.

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