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  • Sage Meyer

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is 24,000 square feet in San Jose, California. It is a seven story house with some stairs leading nowhere. You may be wondering the story behind this? I will tell you but first I have to tell you where I am getting most of my information, and that is from a couple of Youtubers named Sam and Colby, as well as KallmeKris and Celina spooky boo. I would really recommend watching their videos!

The Winchester Mystery House is said to be haunted by the main ghost named Sarah Winchester. She was the owner of the house and died on September 5th, 1922. As Sam and Colby were investigating, they took out a small machine that the spirits could touch and communicate with them. Sarah claimed that she was holding seances and talking to her dead family, and they are the people that told her what to tell the construction workers to build even if it made no sense.

During all of Sam and Colby’s investigations they talked to a girl who specializes in numbers and what they mean. Sam and Colby kept seeing numbers that meant things like Death and bad energy around the house. The numerologist told them that numbers make up the world and everyone has a number and a meaning. My number is 22, and it goes from 1-9 with the exception of 11, 22, and 33. This house had 22 all over it and that number means the builder, which makes sense. These numbers can predict the future, know the past and just can explain a lot.

There are so many more crazy things about this house and the story behind it so you should go watch the video to get more information if you liked this article. I am truly wowed by what all has happened here. In conclusion, this house is crazy, weird and paranormal. I would love to visit it sometime…would you?

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