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Videogame Review: Hollow Knight

Starting off with a general statement about this game, it’s a metroidvania game with simple yet complex fighting, wonderful artwork, fabulous story, and great (and slightly confusing) exploration. Each area looks different and unique, with different enemies to fight, therefore requiring different strategies to fight them. There are multiple bosses in each area, be it mini bosses or just regular bosses. This game takes time and effort to play, yet it’s worth it. 

This game has unique characters to interact with! Though, you aren’t doing much talking…they are! (You do not need to know how to start a conversation, don’t worry.) Among the easier of these characters to access are Elderbug, Cornifer, Sly, Iselda, and clearly, the bench. By the way, basically all the characters are bugs. Anyways, characters have unique personalities and some have things to sell you! Though it costs…a lot. That leads into our next topic, geo!

 The money in Hallownest is called geo, and you get it by doing various crimes! These crimes include destruction of property, theft, murder, and mass genocide! But don’t worry, the people don’t mind.  Also, don’t get attached to your geo. (AND DON’T TRUST THAT STUPID BANKER.) Dying will take it all away! Then you have to trek back to where you died, kill your ghost, and then you get your money back! (An option for killing your ghost is going to the house on the far right of Dirtmouth. You’ll get it if you play.) Also, don’t die on the way there, otherwise it’s gone. FOREVER.  All around, this is a great game! (Opinion, yeah.)

-This game is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

Image courtesy of Game Spot

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