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Welcome to Fremont, Mrs. Carollo!

I sat down with one of Fremont’s new teachers, Robbin Carollo, who teaches 6th grade language arts and social studies. I started by asking her about how 6th grade is going and how she likes it. She says that she went to school to teach middle school and that so far teaching the 6th grader is “great”. “Some students are really plugged in and eager to learn. The other teachers are very knowledgeable and care about students.” Mrs. Carollo said. While discussing her previous experience, she said that middle school was her favorite, so she decided to teach it.

After talking some more with Mrs. Carollo, she says that she is very happy to be here and she enjoys teaching the 6th grade. “They are in their first year of middle school and they are not sure of the expectations. It’s extra important to set routines,” She said. While talking about how she is doing while teaching the 6th grader Mrs. Carollo says that if teaching is easy then you’re not doing it right. Some days are harder than others.She has enjoyed her latest unit, economics because its objective is easy for kids to understand and applies to real life. Her philosophy is that she wants them to learn that they can be successful in their academic careers. “They come into sixth grade not knowing the content obviously, but they also don’t know a lot of them,” Mrs. Carollo claimed. She says that they don’t know what the expectations are for successful learners, so hopefully by the time they leave her class they will have a tool necessary in order to become successful students. Mrs. Carollo is very happy to be here at Fremont teaching 6th grade language arts and social studies.

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