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8th Grade Gold Volleyball: Fremont vs. Lincoln Savage

The 8th grade gold girls volleyball team, the Generals, had a great game at Hidden Valley High School in Grants Pass on Monday 10/16. They had beaten Lincoln Savage before and were now playing in the opposing team’s gym this time. They would end up winning 2 sets and losing one, beating Lincoln Savage once again.

Set #1

The first set started with players 3, 6, 8, 1, 7, and 10 playing. The Generals started out rough, and it got worse when Sadie Wilcox, 9 rolled her ankle jumping for a ball. She was out for the rest of the game. Near the middle of the first set the Generals racked up points. They took a big lead near the end of the set. Players made great hits/plays such as #3 as she tipped it over the net. #21 had some very consistent serves, getting points for the team.

Set #2

In the second set the same players were starting. Lincoln Savage had the head start and the Generals had a hard time catching up. #5 had an amazing hit and a tip but she touched the net and it didn’t count. They had some great saves like when #10 hit it over the net after it hit the ceiling. The Generals tried to get points and they did but Lincoln Savage kept their lead and Fremont lost the second set, 25-22.

Set #3

Finally, in the last set the Generals took a big lead from the start and they kept the lead. Being consistent and alert helped them through the last set and it paid off when they won, 7-15. All the girls worked really hard and were playing smart. Overall, the girls were great and did well for their second to last game of the season.


One of the girls that was playing on Monday was #8, Quinn Farrell. When talking to Quinn she answered some questions and gave her opinion on the game. She thinks that her team needed improvement on communication in the second set but that they did a great job at cheering each other on. “We could’ve won the second set,” Quinn claimed. The last volleyball game excites her but she is still going to be disappointed for the season to end. She said, “We’ve improved in communication and being ready to move.” Her favorite game was against South Grants Pass but her least favorite game was against Jolane, because it was too easy to beat them.

Mya Arnott, #1 on the 8th grade gold team also played on Monday. She thinks her team did well but they could have done better since there were a lot of balls that they didn't get to. She also thinks the missed serves also affected the score in the second set. After talking with Mya some more she says that she started playing volleyball just because it was something to do and ever since she started playing it has become a passion. Mya is somewhat excited about volleyball to end so she can play travel ball. When talking about her team's improvements she says, “We’ve definitely improved because a lot of girls barely passed at the beginning but now they’ve improved and we’ve gotten a lot further than at the beginning of the season.” Overall, the 8th grade girls did well this season and played a great game.

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