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9/13: 7th Gold Volleyball vs. JoLane

On Wednesday September 13 the 7th grade Gold volleyball team played their first game of the season against Jolane. The game took place at home in Fremont’s main gym. Their first set, 27-25, was close and #5 (Kyndall Swartzendruber ) punched it over, winning the set. In their second set, Jolane took the lead and kept it throughout the set, winning 25-15. The third set the Fremont players came out strong and took the lead for a final score of 15-6. Great win for Fremont!

After the game I asked Maddie Nelson why she wants to play volleyball. She said, “ Because it's not as much running as other sports and it is a mix of arm and leg strength.” I also talked to Kailee Sullivan about how she thought the game went and she responded by saying, “I think it went great. The 1st set was great, we called the ball. The 2nd set was great, but we got so stressed about the 2nd game that we had to win it right then and there.” Coach Ibarra said that she thinks that her team did a great job once they settled down. She also said that the team needs to improve on their consistency in serving and communication. Overall, the 7th grade Gold volleyball team played a great game.

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