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Fremont Volleyball 9/13: Bronze vs. JoLane

On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, Fremont’s Bronze Volleyball team played their first game. I asked a few girls what they were most excited about for their first game. 7th grade Selena Munoz responded with, “Probably being in a team and getting to play.” We also asked what they were good at and what they think they needed to work on. Anjelee Pelke in 8th grade said they are good at getting the ball over the net, but they needed to work on not getting frustrated when they mess up.

During the game they did best with their serving. Makenzee Lewis and Pepper Farrell had some great moments where they scored their team a lot of points with aces. Makenzee and I talked about her serving and she said, “ Honestly, I was so nervous that I was hitting on the wrong side of my hand. Overall, when I realized that it doesn't matter that people are watching me, I started giving good serves.”

In the end they lost all 3 sets but had a great time. Ms. Chasteen, the bronze volleyball coach said, “For the first game our girls did well. They worked hard and I’m proud of them.” I'm excited to see what the bronze team does for the rest of their season.

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