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Snow Storm or Not?

We all remember February 25th, 2019 when we woke up to about a foot of snow covering our houses. Many hated it, many loved it, but could it happen again? That snowstorm happened during an El Nino year. This year also happens to be an El Nino year. Is there a chance we could have another snowstorm?

An El Nino year is when warmer water and winds blow in from the equator. It usually means a colder than normal winter in the South-eastern states and warmer in the North-western. The snowstorm we had2019 also happened to be in an El Nino year. Does that mean that we will have another? Not likely. Based on the rises in temperature in 2023, meteorologists think that a warm winter will be most likely. “Consistently heavy precipitation, our forecasts for the Northwest call for a dry winter, thanks largely to this year’s winter El Niño.”( So instead of a snowy winter we have a greater chance of a rainy, warmer winter. While the North-western states get more of a warmer winter the South-eastern states have a colder than normal winter bringing plentiful snow.

Some disadvantages of having snow this year in the North-west is that it increases the drought development in the upcoming summer. Without all the snow pack that happen to melt during the spring and summer. The aquifers will most likely dry out as soon as the hot weather hits us. Leaving us with no water and dead plants and trees. The increase in hot weather will also raise the risks of wildfires with all the dry vegetation.

Even without snow there are plentiful activities that you can go to without having the actual snow there. Winter weather activities such as building a fire, hiking, biking, star gazing, or even just going outside to play in the mud are great activities to fill your time. If we do happen to get a winter wonderland, activities such as skiing, sledding, building a snowman, making a snow angel, and  snowboarding are also some snow activities. There are many fun things you can do with or without snow in upcoming winters.

So, in conclusion, we are not likely to have a snowy winter. The El Nino year is bringing dry and warmer weather to the North-west and we have a higher chance of having a rainy season. So pack those mittens and sleds away and grab your rain boots!

Image Courtesy of The Bulletin. Link here.

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