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  • Paige Heacock

Junior Honor Band Performance

On January 31 at 7:00pm at Douglas High School, the Junior Honor Band performed a well-played performance. Individual students were selected by Fremont to perform in this band with other students from different schools.

Songs that were played were "Legend of the Yankee Clippers" by James Swearingen, "The Red Balloon" by Anne McGinty, "Haunted Clocks" by Brian Balmages, and "As Winds Dance" by Samuel R. Hazo. “This experience further developed appreciation in music and they learned different types of music from different composers,” stated our amazing Fremont Band teacher Mrs. Soffer.

The Honor Band students rehearsed for most of that day before the concert with other Honor Band students from different schools. “It definitely felt a lot different to have other players in my section, but it also felt really cool to have other devoted players who all wanted to be there and were good at their instruments,” said Ainslee Anderson, a french horn player from Fremont. Instruments played by Fremont students in Honor band were flutes, saxophones, clarinets, trombone, french horn, trumpet, and percussion. According to Mrs. Soffer, “It was a great experience because students got a chance to learn other band pieces, new things, and meet other students from around the county.”

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