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  • Paige Heacock

Track Season '23 Has Begun!

Track and field season finally started on March 6, with about 80 students from Fremont signed up! Track is a great sport for any student at Fremont to give a try because there are many events that are available. According to Ms. Chasteen, one of the coaches, “So far this season, it has been great. A lot of the team seems focused and excited and ready to work and practice.”

Besides running and sprinting different areas of the track, many other activities are open to students. These include shot put, discus, javelin, hurdles, long jump, and high jump. “I like the people and I love all the different events. It also gets me out of the house,” stated 7th grader Quinn Coopride.

Students will qualify for certain events and they will compete in up to four events at each track meet. The first meet of the season will be on Wednesday, April 5 at RHS. Other meets will be on April 11, 19, and 26 at RHS and North Valley High School. The coaches for track this season are Mr. Hendry, Mrs. Ibarra, Ms. Chasteen from Fremont with Richie Charles and Tyler Yutzie from RHS. 7th grader Cecilia Jones says, “I just like being out and being free and playing with my friends.”

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