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FMS Talent Show 2022

On Thursday the 10th of November, Fremont had its first talent show in a couple years

due to Covid, and it was a big success! Many people signed up to perform at our show. There was piano playing, poetry, singing, and even dancing!

During the talent show, just before the last act, Woodshop had a drawing for the picnic

table that three of Ms. Grauer’s students had made. The picnic table was hand-crafted and made very well. Tickets were sold for the raffle, $10 for 1 ticket and $20 for 3 tickets.

River Bounds was one of the amazing people to participate in the talent show. They had started learning piano at age 12. They played the popular song from Tiktok named: Ylang Ylang on piano. They stated that they started playing piano because they purely wanted to be better than their sister.

The talent show had a special performance at the end for students. Our staff: Mr. Meeds

(8th grade math teacher), Mrs. Weiss (Video broadcasting and technology teacher), Mrs.

Howington (Teacher on Special Assignment: TOSA) and other people in their band came and

performed. They played: Go Johnny Go by Chuck Berry, I’m a believer by Smash Mouth and

finally Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON. The talent show was a great experience for

many people and a good time to show off to others. Thank you to all that participated!

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