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Junior Bowling League

Suzy Cates is the coach for Saturday juniors. She has a lot of fun helping everyone. She wants us to have fun and grow the program. Suzy is also trying to schedule more tournaments for middle school. When her sisterś coach quit, she took over and started coaching. During the holidays when we bowl she normally has something for us like a challenge or something. During halloween she has candy bowls and the young people have to get a 5 or more on the first ball the 6th - 12 have to make a mark. At the end of the year she gets pizza for everyone.

Bowling is a sport with 10 pins and 1 ball. If you knock all of them down at the same time, it is a strike. If you knock some of them down and  the rest on your 2nd ball, it's a spare. If you get the ball off the lane into the gutter, it's called a gutter ball. The balls range from 6 - 15lbs. The lanes for bowling are 42 feet long. If there is a strike in every frame it is called a perfect game and that is 300 points. There are 6 teams in our league and 3 people in a team. Eighteen people showed up for the sign ups last September.

I am a bowler and I really like Suzy´s advice. It helps me get better. My dad works at the bowling alley. I can bowl okay. I am not the best, but I like bowling. My dad and mom said I would be good at it.  My best game was 135 or 130 and I was very proud! My dad is excited for bowling tournaments and is ready for bowling every Saturday. If you think you would enjoy bowling, I recommend signing up for a league!

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