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Kindred Spirit: Exciting Things To Come!

There are a lot of things that Kindred Spirit will be doing this year! From performing in concerts, to going to choir festivals, this choir will be very busy this year.

This year, Kindred Spirit will be doing four concerts. All of them will be at the RHS High School. Kindred Spirit will not be the only choir that will be performing at these concerts. The choirs that will be performing in the concerts at the Roseburg High School will be Concert Choir, Kindred Spirit, Exploring Choir, and choirs from Jo Lane Middle School. Each choir will perform a set of songs.

When I spoke to Ms. A.K, our choir director, I asked her which upcoming event she is most excited about, and she replied, “ I am most excited for the Blocktoberfest performance and honor choir.” She also says she wants her students to be really confident in front of any kind of audience. Another thing I asked her was what song that Kindred Spirit will be singing is she most excited about. She said “Yes, I am super excited about learning Nothing and I'm Gonna Stumble My Feet” by Greg Gilpin. This is a song that Kindred Spirit will be singing in future concerts.

Kindred Spirit will be doing a lot of exciting things this year! Will you be going to any of their events?

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