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Welcome Back Dance 2022

The Welcome Back Dance was our first dance of the school year. The dance went really well and many people showed up. The leadership team hosted this dance and made a ton of money for the school and their group. The dance had fancy lights and music inside the new gym. Many teachers from Fremont chaperoned the dance like the Wersals, the Webers and both Ms. Fox and Mr. Norton.

Towards the beginning of the dance everyone in the gym began to chant "Wersal, Wersal, Wersal" because Mr. Wersal was known to be a pro at the ‘Cupid Shuffle’. He began to dance to this groovy toon and not too long after everyone was dancing along with him. Then, even Mrs. Wersal began to dance with her husband. Mrs. Wersal said, "The dance was a lot of fun and well put together. I think that the kids liked the get together and that it wasn’t just for school." "I thought the dance was kind of mid and I feel like the dance should have more activities for us to do," states Clover Fisher about the dance.

It seems as though many students had enjoyed the dance and seeing the teachers and chaperones dance made it even better. Fremont will have many more opportunities for different dance activities and ideas in the future to make dances even more enjoyable for students. Fremont will always do our best and try our hardest to make school not only about work but about having fun and being able to hang out with friends.

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