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Halfway Through the Volleyball Season!

By Alonzo Guzman and Ava Young

On Monday, September 12th, Fremont Volleyball started. They have had six games and six more to go! Their games are every Monday and Wednesday but sometimes Tuesday. The people coaching volleyball are; Ms. Fox, Mrs. Wersal, Mrs. Breding, Ms. Gates, Ms. Harr, and Mrs. Ibarra. I interviewed one of the girls on the Eighth Grade Gold team. Her name is Ava Young.

First I asked how their season is going so far. Ava said, “It is good! We all have a very strong bond since we played together last year.” I then asked her why she signed up. She said, “My family. They motivated me to play in third grade. Ever since I started playing, I loved it. My family is always encouraging me to keep playing. My family is the reason I am where I am today.” I followed that up by asking why she wanted to play volleyball out of all sports. “My neighbor at the time played volleyball. I thought she was cool so I wanted to be cool. I was also really good friends with her at the time so she never stopped talking about how I should play it. Ever since then, it has just stuck with me. I play it every season and it gives me something to do and look forward to.” My last question was who was her coach? Her coach is Mrs. Ibarra. Mrs. Ibarra is one of the many volleyball coaches this year. She is a really good volleyball coach and gets them to do what they need to do. That is probably why they’re the only undefeated teams!

Next, I interviewed a Seventh Grade Gold player, Mya Arnott. I asked the same question I asked Ava, about how their season was going so far. She said, “Our season is going pretty good, we have won two games so far!” I then asked what she likes about volleyball, “The fact that we all get along and that we don't hate each other.“ I followed that up with asking what her least favorite thing about volleyball is, and she replied, “The team sometimes doesn’t get along and we don’t go for the ball as much as we should.”

Sadly, that’s all the time I had to talk to these wonderful people. I am so proud of all of the people representing Fremont by playing sports. Hopefully they all do their best and most importantly, have the most fun they can.

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